Marriage counselling and couples counselling in Vancouver, BC.  

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, online sessions are offered. 

Are you feeling frustrated, dissatisfied and/or hurt in your relationship?

Is your relationship on the brink of ending or heading in that direction?

Diana Kollar, Registered Clinical Counsellor, can help you get the relationship success you want and deserve.


Marriage and couples counselling in Vancouver

Kollar Couples Counselling

  • Constant conflict, ineffectual or hurtful communication and negative behaviours (criticism, blaming, defensiveness and/or stonewalling) to communicating effectively and respectfully and feeling understood and a sense of mutual respect
  • Betrayalinfidelity, mistrust and jealousy to trust, forgiveness and a sense of safety with one another
  • The parent/child dynamic that arises when one partner has unmanaged/undiagnosed ADHD to a loving and mutually respectful  partnership
  • Substance abuse recovery issues and co-dependency to a thriving and loving connection
  • Feeling distant, disconnection and/or ambivalence about your relationship to a deep sense of connection.  Through discernment counselling, end being in limbo where one partner is thinking about ending the relationship and the other is holding on.  Become clear on your goals to either begin working on the relationship or towards respectfully and collaboratively ending it.

You can enjoy passion, intimacy, connection, happiness, and fulfillment in your relationship!

Book your appointment or a free 10-minute phone consultation online or by phone/email today.   At Kollar Counselling Services, Diana Kollar offers weekday sessions for couples counselling and for individuals in her Vancouver office.


“I now feel heard by my partner and we are better able to understand one another.”

“It has only taken a few sessions to learn to communicate with my partner in a way I never dreamed we could!”

“I’ve learned to look and experience the world from a perspective that is self-accepting.”