About Diana Kollar (she/her) 

I’ve been in the counselling profession for over 15 years and the helping profession for over 20 years. My work with clients continually evolves yet the foundation of my therapeutic work remains the same –“the individual is the expert in their own life.” Based on this idea, I am committed to helping my clients tap into their inherent wisdom and inner strengths in order to overcome or deal with barriers to their contentment.  I also believe everyone has the potential for having happy, connected, and emotionally safe relationships and that it is our birthright.  I am passionate about helping my clients attain this.

I aim to  work from an anti-oppressive and trauma-informed lens.  I acknowledge my privilege and how my intersectionality influence my experiences.  I endeavor to keep the socio-political variables that would negatively impact my clients and their mental health at the forefront while we work together.  In the  process of repatterning my mind away from deeply embedded oppressive systems from our contemporary world, I invariably misstep. It is my responsibility to be accountable when I do and correct accordingly. I am continually humbled and honoured by my clients' vulnerability and courage in doing the work.

I am a first-generation, white-passing Canadian Settler.  I have experienced firsthand how unmanaged or untreated trauma of all kinds: intergenerational, collective, and developmental impact a family and one’s psychological development.  For instance, my parents’ untreated trauma manifested in unhealthy relationship behaviours in our family and as a result I then exhibited these behaviours  in my own relationships in my adolescence and early adulthood.  Therapy has been an integral part in my own healing and growth, which has resulted in having healthy and thriving relationships with others and with myself.  I can now see that the gift of my trauma is that it has provided me with  empathy, compassion, and understanding for the courage it takes to change and just how difficult of a  process it can be at times. 

I believe that healing trauma and  learning healthy relationship skills are imperative to a thriving society for EVERYONE.  I am dedicated to doing my part in helping myself and others achieve this. 


May you have support, encouragement,
understanding, and guidance
as you move through your healing and personal growth process.
May you know that you are never alone.
May you be compassionate and gentle with yourself
as you work through the challenges that are real to you right now.


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  • Master’s of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology, University of British Columbia

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, University of Victoria


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Individual Counselling

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I am committed to lifelong learning in this fascinating profession. I attend a regular consultation group and attend workshops, training and conferences.


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Having worked in the helping field for over 20  years and in the counselling field for over a decade, some of my experience includes:

  • substance abuse counselling for an outpatient clinic as well as for a residential rehabilitation facility
  • counselling clients on a wide range of issues for an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • facilitating psycho-educational groups about healthy relationships for elementary school aged children

"Our time with Diana changed the course of our relationship. We had spent years thinking that we could change and fix our relationship ourselves. But time and time again we failed and we got more frustrated with each attempt. Finally, we surrendered and admitted that we needed help outside of ourselves. After our first session with her, we felt like we had made the right decision and were on the path to getting the help we needed. Our sessions helped us learn the skills we needed to communicate effectively and gave us a greater self awareness. Thank you Diana for helping us save our relationship"


Kollar Counselling offers weekday, individual and relationship counselling sessions online and in-office in Vancouver.

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