Individual Counselling and Therapy in Vancouver

Are you stuck in a cycle of  destructive or unhealthy behaviour patterns? Is it difficult to make or keep healthy relationships?

At different points in life, we can feel stuck in unproductive or destructive patterns of behaviour and thinking. These patterns get in the way of us feeling good about ourselves and prevent us from having happy and healthy relationships.

At Kollar Counselling Services, counsellor Diana Kollar can help you achieve:

  • Confidence, self- security and a deep understanding  and awareness of yourself
  • Valuable and meaningful relationships and friendships
  • Improved communication skills
  • Asserting healthy boundaries and respecting others’ boundaries
  • Healthy coping strategies to deal with life stressors
  • Self-regulation – managing feelings and emotions that once were overwhelming
  • Healing from trauma in your past
  • Living a life free of shame

Imagine freedom from:

  • Difficulties in finding or sustaining a healthy, intimate relationship
  • Anxiety, panic, feeling overwhelmed,  and/or stressed
  • Depression or sense of futility or feeling stuck in perpetual negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in
  • Low self-esteem, insecurity and passive communication with others
  • Feeling confused, lost and scared during times of life transitions, such as loss of a relationship or culturally re-adapting to living in Canada
  • Shame and personalisation the behaviours of others

Kollar Counselling participates in the Crime Victim Assistance Program 

Feel Empowered and Supported

What you can expect from your counselling experience at Kollar Counselling Services is respect for your own values, choices, and lifestyle and the pace and content of the sessions that you set; assistance in focusing on and clearly understanding the issues that concern you and/or your relationship; exploration of distress or dissatisfaction with your current circumstances in a comfortable and private setting; and encouragement in making choices or changes that you feel are right for you.

Understanding the Counselling Process

Whatever your goal may be, our therapeutic relationship is a collaborative one. Counselling is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. However, there is a commonality in how the process unfolds. In the first phase, we examine thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that act as obstacles to achieving your goals.  In counselling, you can learn to explore and learn about yourself “mindfully,” that is to say, with a sense of curiosity and non-judgment. In doing so, you achieve the first major step in the change process, which is “self-awareness”.

In this initial phase of counselling, we also focus on learning how to manage and regulate difficult emotions and unpleasant sensations you may feel in your body instead of blindly reacting to them in disruptive, self-defeating ways.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed  by emotions, clients learn to self-regulate, meaning you regulate the intensity of your emotions, so that you can sit with them in order to process them.

The next phase of the counselling focuses learning to let go of old, unhelpful, and self-defeating beliefs about yourself. Along with this self-awareness, you learn to develop new, more self-accepting, self-nurturing beliefs so you can begin choosing new responses that help you achieve your goals.

Between sessions, you will be encouraged to focus on personal self-care particularly while working with difficult emotions or personal feelings. Also, we may create experiments or interactions where you can practice choosing new responses to discuss them discuss them in a later session.

It is possible to be free of destructive thoughts and behaviours and achieve mental and emotional well-being!

Book an appointment or a free 10-minute phone consultation online or by phone/email.  At Kollar Counselling Services, Diana Kollar offers weekday counselling sessions for couples and for individuals in her Vancouver office.


Client Testimonials

“I came to see Diana at a time I thought I had hit rock bottom. Over the next year and a half, she helped me reconstruct myself, “reprogram” myself, see things in a different way. I still have “relapses” at times, and probably always will, but now it’s like I have a little Diana on my shoulder whispering me what the real Diana would tell me. She’s helped me rebuild my self-esteem and truly believe that things can always get better, and that I am worth it.” C, female, 30’s

“I was lost in active addiction…when I started seeing Diana. My life is completely different today. I wake up everyday knowing that I will accomplish my dreams and that I will have a great life. I am clean and sober. Diana gave me the tools that have literally saved my life. She guided me through a transformation that has given me new hope. This new hope and new way of life is allowing me, for the first time in my life, to wake up each day and be happy with who I am. I feel fortunate to have Diana in my life. She cares about my success in my new life and more importantly she cares about me”. J, male, 20’s

“At different times in my life I had sought help for my addiction, with very little positive result. My experience with personal counselling…lead me to feel to be just another alcoholic without any variance. When I was advised to seek help from Diana…a new window was opened for me and I found it much easier to close the door to the past. With Diana’s fresh and positive outlook, she taught me to always see the small triumphs and learning lessons in what I may have felt were failings. She made it possible for me to start fresh”. S, female, 50’s