Becoming the Relationship Savvy Couple: A Pre-Commitment/ Pre-Marital Couples Workshop

Calling all couples who are considering a long-term commitment such as cohabitation, marriage or if you are recently married.  The smarter you start your relationship, the better chance it has of being all that you dreamed of and more.  Empowering you to have a strong and fulfilling  long-term relationship is what this workshop is all about.


Falling in love is easy, staying in love is what counts.  In this powerful, informative and fun one-day workshop for couples learn the relationship skills necessary to keep the romance alive, communicate effectively, and navigate couplehood together as passionate best friends.

What We Cover:

  • How to stay calm in the face of tension and clear boundaries to master healthy conflict in your relationship
  • How to continue increasing your personal growth and self-awareness
  • “Your partner is not you” and learn how to make the relationship expansive so both “worlds” can live harmoniously in the relationship
  • Create a relationship vision
  • Make your relationship a “negativity-free zone”
  • Learn a specific way to communicate that deepens your connection


The more you invest in your relationship, the more valuable it becomes!

The workshop includes: lectures, demonstrations, and  exercises. These workshops are kept small (maximum of 4 couples) to create a safe and relaxed environment. There are opportunities for group sharing, but the workshop emphasizes partners sharing privately with one another. Except for a brief introduction and closing, participants will not be required to share anything with the group unless they choose to do so.

Date: To be Announced

Time:           10 am – 4:30 pm

Location:   Sylvia Hotel, 1154 Gilford St., Vancouver, BC

Cost:            $300 Plus GST Per Couple

Registration: Please email Diana to register

What Participants Say:

“Every engaged couple should take this course as a part of their wedding planning process. It’s so valuable. I am leaving with a new focus on my relationship and practical tools to apply moving into the future. Diana was a wonderful and engaging leader. She created a safe space for dialogue and vulnerability.”

“Diana was a very clear and positive in her instruction and made a possibly sensitive workshop fun and enjoyable”

“I learned and accumulated knowledge and tools to use moving forward in my relationship. Diana made me feel very comfortable. She created a safe and open environment for me to express emotions which was new territory.”

“Very useful and informative.  Good practical tools to use in the future.  I feel further connected to my fiance.”

“We’ve learned the best thing you can do for your relationship is being prepared and learning the tools for success and to be intentional.”

Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancelling prior to 14 days before the workshop date. Cancelling within 14 days results in the loss of the full fee. In situations where cancellation is due to unforeseen circumstances, a one-time opportunity may be granted to transfer your fee to an upcoming workshop within one year. Your registration is non-refundable if you do not attend or do not complete the workshop. The presenter is not responsible for prepaid, non-refundable travel arrangements. If the presenters cancel the workshop, a full refund will be made.